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Ill made you one of these beauts.

A reptilian/aquatic based creature. Usually lives in tropical forests or tropical waters. 
These beings dont grow bigger then a large dog, and are able to be tamed. However, they require a lot of attention and care, especially on the aquatic only kind!
Their intelligence lies a bit higher then that of a dog, tough they are not able to speak. Their sounds are a mixture between growls and low rumbling noises, to a high pitched squeak every now and then that is used to either communicate when they are in distress, or are feeling playful. 

There's two types in the species:

- Fully aquatic
- Partially aquatic

They often feel most comfortable in water, but there are differences in the species themselves. Fully aquatic versions have gills and live only underwater. Partially aquatic are able to stay submerged underwater for up to half an hour before they must move to the surface once more to breathe. Both have either a reptilian skin, or fish based skin. 
These creatures can reach speeds that go up to 20 km per hour on land, and 35 to 50 underwater. They may be good runners, but they are terrible climbers. 

Due to their reptilian/aquatic based nature, these creatures vary a lot in color. They can be as bright as the tropical fish in the sea itself ( and can be just as poisonous too ) or be as well camouflaged as a crocodile or reptile living on land. ( this does not mean any rainbow or galaxy appearances occur tough. )

Their diet consists of seafood and meat. The sharp claw displayed on their frontal feet is often used to crack open hard seashells, or pull in any larger prey below water to drown them. Their strong jaws can clamp down hard, and are often used to grab on to their prey to keep a hold of them. The teeth and claw are both often used in fights as well.

There is no large difference between a male and female appearance. The male does has to court the female however, and in the wilds it is often seen males fight each other over the best female, which may often lead to fatal results.
Due to their reptilian/aquatic nature, they lay eggs that they either burrow under the sand on land, or down in the water, depending on whether they are fully aquatic or only partially so. They are mates for life, and will guard the nest and young together until they're old enough to survive on their own.
Should a mate die, the creature will sadly not look for a new partner.

They ARE able to be tamed! The partially aquatic one is the easier one to maintain, as it doesn't need to live underwater. However they do love still love to swim so they are often found in the water, as this is almost like a second nature to them. They're not very resistant against cold however, and both versions hibernate. However, it seems tamed ones dont always hibernate due to often being raised and treated by humans.

Things that do not occur on the species:

- Wings
- Fur
- Any other animal traits such as feline/canine parts or other
- Hooves
- Magic
- Extra limbs
- Tail mouths

They dont have any 'rare' traits/additions. If they do have any mutations, its just like the ones that could happen in real life, often which deem to be fatal. ( albinism, cyclops eye, parasitic twin, etc ) 

Side info:

No tattoos please!
Also the semi aquatic ones do not have gills! Only the fully aquatic do

Species owned by: 
Source Film Maker Posters
Im sorry people.
(I do not like the models and how they look and some even crashed my program)
What i have:
-Team fortress 2 models/props
-Portal 2 models/props
-Left 4 dead models/props
-Halflife model/props
-Fallout 4 models/body parts
-Overwatch characters only
-Ark Survival evlolve dinosaurs
-Raptor spy
-XENOMORPHS!!!!And theyr whole ugy ass family
-Ellen Ripley to protect my files from getting xenomorphed
-Alot of dinosaurs
-Alot of horses
-Dragon like creatures
-I HAVE A GOAT MODEL!(Most important one)
-Animals from FarCry 3
-The Mass Effect ring for reasons
-A plush dolphin
-A robot wolf named Bladewolf
-If you want ill put Tales from The Borderlands characters as well (I dont have them yet)

The poster will contain- lights,background props and many other good stuff.You can tell me if you want ships (Nothing too nsfw) Aditional characters are free.
Vanilla Minecraft structures
1.10 and lower compatible XD

More info here:…
Please pay through pol.
Send notes about the details

-Armor stands
-gardens/animal farms/farms

-Items in chests-Modded

The price can be higher or lower depending on the size of the structers.
It will take time.(For example the ship took me weeks to finish from structure to furnishing,the tower took me half an hour or something)
Merepeople,Snake people,centaurs other half animal people
-Ill make one human on a canvas if you want couples or one more person= 5 points
-Backgrounds are optional
-Shadows optional

(The models shown above are already owned by me)
Custom butterfly/bird/insect wings
Customized wings.You can say a random one and youll get one for only 20 points!Theyll never be bland or have simple patterns every wing is made with alot of hard work!
You can say what patterns you want,colours or shape and ill do it.
Customed sharks
-It can be any colour and model
-Background will be free and optional
-Tell me if you want land shark or water shark
-I can do whales or dolphins

(The sharks shown above are already owned)
-I WONT DO SAME COULOUR,PATTERNS.The forehead symbol wont be made two the same.
-Tell the colours,patterns and the symbol you want it on it.
-Shadows,lights,backgrounds are optional.





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART…
  • Listening to: Alot of Russian songs
  • Reading: Alot of sin
  • Watching: I dont even know anymore
  • Playing: A thing called Teamfortress 2 and Paladins
  • Eating: Nothing.Because only nooblets eat
  • Drinking: Poopsi


ColdBlod23's Profile Picture
Karina Petrescu
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi man Captain Cold here.Whazaaaaaaaa??

I am not a perfect artist.Me is stil learning!
I am living in Romania with my family and 2 dogs and a cat drawing random stuff ,watching movies and playing games on my PC all day.
I do requests if i can but i have shaky hands ([yeah i am a noob at this])
if you want with requests be free to ask, I DO REQUESTS if they are in my PROFILE comments.
Have a good day ColdBlood23.
What i like:friends,animals,every thing is flufy,pizza,sleeping,drawing,reading,playing games,movies,drawing.
What i hate:school,my class mates,jerks,pickles,cockroaches,jerks,spiders.…


Vampire boyfriends
Mae with SAI
Pose: :iconshadowinkwarrior:

I just want to kill myself for how long this took and i couldnt even shade fr how many details i put.But it came out better than i expected.
Recently :icondestinyfall: and her hot muse Mael had officialy made Juy Vammpire month.So i hoped on the train and did my own piece with my vampire boy Avery and his not so short bf Icarus.Both now vampires because why not? Just look at those long canines.

Some story for those who like small prompts in the description and because this ideea was in my head for months:

Avery went to an old tree with alot of shade good for resting after a long day of teaching his lover how to hunt and use his new found powers as a vampire.They sat there in silence neither wanting to break the sound f the flowing river and the singing birds.He couldnt stop staring at him and think how the old lizard seemed oddly  excited to change in what Avery is now.He was reluctant at first f course,his own "rebirth" in this new life style wasnt the most pleasant and left him scarred for life but Icarus trusted him with this great task.It was hard to turn the man in a vampire with his large body that seemed to fight back violently to the changes but in three days spent in bed and being sick had payed ff as the newborn lizard's heightened senses became even stronger than Avery's.
He wasnt the greatest vampire but even he was scared how far he could see or how scarly strong he became rivaling even his former master,Lord Soulin a god between mortals whom,after many years shared together, he left to make a living on his own (and some unfortunate predicaments between the brother of Soulin and Icarus whom served him since a teenager).His strength and senses aside,his appearance didnt changed at all.Only longer canines wich seem to appear in his human form as well,seeing a human with 8 canines is a sight indeed but he dosent seem to mind and sees this as a great asset in combat whatever that means...He loved the lizard greatly and would never hurt him but sometimes he cant stop sometimes and think how Icarus became.A strong force that could rival the gods but seeing him now beside him under the tree takes away his fears as he reminds himself how kind and loyal he is to those close to him.
What he hates though are the dirty jokes he has that makes his pale cheeks look alive,for a gentleman and great ex general he had the tongue of a sailor reminding him of the pirates that kept pestering his former master.
He was happy that now he had someone that understands his problems.How he needs to now rely on a stone so he wont burn in the day or how he needs to be careful when he feeds so he wont get caught or worse-kill the person by accident.A vampire life is quite hard when your alone.With Icarus though he was safe,the hunters wont dare mess with such a force.He would enjoy to see them torn apart by the exgeneral,to enjoy the regret crossing on theyr face as they give the-"Oh my Avery i didnt knew you could have such ark thoughts!For someone who likes flowers and butterflies you sir have the mind of a murderer."Icarus spoke.I was stuck and simply blushed and looked away."I see your mental powers surpassed my mental blocks"i mumble as he laughs and simpy says"You dont have your guards up."at that my blush darkened and locked my mind away he was smirking....Smug bastard.

Not good at writing but felt like i needed to get this out  f my system bunneh icon17 
The perytonidae family
Made with SAI
Was bored and drew a peryton and i couldnt stop not to draw it's lesser known cousins.

The Perytonidae family is characterized by any avian creature with characteristics of the order Artiodactyla from the cervidae,cervidae,bovidae or other members of the supraorder Pecora (that contains goats,deers,sheep,giraffes and other such animals).
So now that the family orders are done lets go to the species of this strange family.

1.Mongolian Peryton:
They are the most common and ferocious members of this family.They reach 3 meters tall and have large wing span reaching 6-7 meters in length and weighing 300 to 400 kilograms with theyr  huge antlers and heavy build.The origins,name and reputations come from Asia a few couple of millions of years ago when humans started coming into Asia the earliest proof of them appearing on Earth start from the moment humans could write and spread legends and stories of these flying beasts with a ferocious apettite for flesh and the aawful ability to imitate voices and calls.They mostly spread across all Northern and Central Asia avoiding the hot or humid south staying in the mountains or the large siberian lands.The big groups of Perytons usualy preyed on the weak humans that crossed theyr territories making the humans beg to any deity hearing them to rid them of such plague and indeed two gods listened casting these beasts into the Underworld where they will plague humanity and theyr creatures no more.
The stories of these beasts resume in the Underworld where the first sentient beings to roam the Underworld left theyr knowledge on stone tablets describing these beasts that stroke fear in any creature as they spread almost everywhere.From lonely mountains in the heart of the semi fused continents of that time to the cool islands of the north and south making enemies and bringing despair in theyr wake.The most prevelent,unyielding and admirable foe of these beasts where the early dragons.Born from the offspring of the elemental dragons themselfs who shaped the Underworld and the inteligent and cunning Rauccous Basilisks and the nasty family of theyr who had the now extinct Cockatrice and very rare serpentine basilisk who kills a man with its golden eyes.These beasts didnt attacked them head on but rather waiting for night to arrive to strike and kill  these invaders in great numbers and this behaviour influencing the early Underworldians to do so and great stories and legends arrised from that time from heroes going to save towns devasted by these beasts to going to hunt such beasts to impress the llove of theyr hearts as well as humans as many heroic stories came from the legendary battles.Nowadays the Perytons are hard to comeby on any of the great continents as theyve been pushed to isolated islands that are plagued by theyr presence and avoided by all sailors.

2.Atlantis Peryton:
The Peryton any human that studied the stories and tales f Atlantis will recognize emediatly with the body of a stag and the large wings of a bird.These beasts where rumored to live on the island of Atlantis before it sank down and forced them to flee into the mountains of the earth to find solidarity from the ones that bringed such faith over them.They are tall as a moose and enjoy prancing and jumping over cliffs and mountain tops,spending theyr days rumagging for any critters they can eat but they can become very teritorial if anyone tresspasses into theyr rocky lands.They are known to attack humans but mostly because they attack anything that is bigger than a dog and sometimes even eating theyr kills.They are very rare and are close relatives to the Mongolian peryton if not for the fact that Atlantis Perytns are hexapods instead of tetrapods like us and theyr bipedal brethren.Another good comparision is that they live alone and away from others of theyr kind coming togheter once a year to breed and than split again for the rest of the year.They can mimic animals but fail to mimic humans like the Mongolian perytons only managing to make distress calls or screams of humans.They eat plants as well and are not entirely carnivorous especially when food becomes scarce as they dont bother to follow theyr prey when they migrate to the bottom of the mountains as they try theyr best to avoid humans and other competitors.

3.Steppe Peryton:
A great hunter that evolved from the Mongollian Peryton's sometimes in the distant past of these creatures.They are the closes thing to a terrorbird that you can get.Roaming the steppes of the Underworld (they went extinct from over hunting on the Overworld as humans saw them a s abig threat) in packs of four to five individuals.They reach 3 to 4 meters high and reaching speeds of 70 km/h to run down any prey.They use theyr horns for fighting with eachother for mates or the place in the group.They have theyr back covered in feathers but most of the body is covered in thick skin to protect them from attacks from other carnivores or horned animals.They arent that known to hunt down humans but if they get too lcose to theyr nesting sites than things will gonna get down!Mauling the intrtuder and chasing away any other threats.As they can only lay one t two eggs at once the protective nature of these creatures is very strong and will do anything to save theyr offspring.

4.(Name still needed) :
This fluffy creature is found in the cold tundras,the poles and the snowy capped mountains.They are very heavy and robust creatures.Theyr height is 2 meters but reach 4 to 5 meters in length from snout to tail.Theyr greatest asset are the strong legs that have two fingers with ery thick and big claws that help them climb on rocks,attack foes with thick nails and ram enemies off cliffs with theyr horns.They have small vestigial arms that are now simply used for display or simply to rest on them while grazing plants.They have feathers on theyr tails and little arms for displays and helping them make sharp turns the rest of the body  being covered in thick fluffy furr with a small layer of fluff for insulation.They arent good swimmers at all and avoid sitting close to teh icy oceans of the poles trying to catch fish from holes they make by stomping theyr feet.They have goat like calls only more deeper and usualy sit in herds of 5 to 8 individuals that move around alot.Especialy when food is scarce.Theyr diet of fish and plants helping them adapt to harsh conditions sometimes even eating small critters or animals like hares,rabbits and even foxes.

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