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Ill made you one of these beauts.

A reptilian/aquatic based creature. Usually lives in tropical forests or tropical waters. 
These beings dont grow bigger then a large dog, and are able to be tamed. However, they require a lot of attention and care, especially on the aquatic only kind!
Their intelligence lies a bit higher then that of a dog, tough they are not able to speak. Their sounds are a mixture between growls and low rumbling noises, to a high pitched squeak every now and then that is used to either communicate when they are in distress, or are feeling playful. 

There's two types in the species:

- Fully aquatic
- Partially aquatic

They often feel most comfortable in water, but there are differences in the species themselves. Fully aquatic versions have gills and live only underwater. Partially aquatic are able to stay submerged underwater for up to half an hour before they must move to the surface once more to breathe. Both have either a reptilian skin, or fish based skin. 
These creatures can reach speeds that go up to 20 km per hour on land, and 35 to 50 underwater. They may be good runners, but they are terrible climbers. 

Due to their reptilian/aquatic based nature, these creatures vary a lot in color. They can be as bright as the tropical fish in the sea itself ( and can be just as poisonous too ) or be as well camouflaged as a crocodile or reptile living on land. ( this does not mean any rainbow or galaxy appearances occur tough. )

Their diet consists of seafood and meat. The sharp claw displayed on their frontal feet is often used to crack open hard seashells, or pull in any larger prey below water to drown them. Their strong jaws can clamp down hard, and are often used to grab on to their prey to keep a hold of them. The teeth and claw are both often used in fights as well.

There is no large difference between a male and female appearance. The male does has to court the female however, and in the wilds it is often seen males fight each other over the best female, which may often lead to fatal results.
Due to their reptilian/aquatic nature, they lay eggs that they either burrow under the sand on land, or down in the water, depending on whether they are fully aquatic or only partially so. They are mates for life, and will guard the nest and young together until they're old enough to survive on their own.
Should a mate die, the creature will sadly not look for a new partner.

They ARE able to be tamed! The partially aquatic one is the easier one to maintain, as it doesn't need to live underwater. However they do love still love to swim so they are often found in the water, as this is almost like a second nature to them. They're not very resistant against cold however, and both versions hibernate. However, it seems tamed ones dont always hibernate due to often being raised and treated by humans.

Things that do not occur on the species:

- Wings
- Fur
- Any other animal traits such as feline/canine parts or other
- Hooves
- Magic
- Extra limbs
- Tail mouths

They dont have any 'rare' traits/additions. If they do have any mutations, its just like the ones that could happen in real life, often which deem to be fatal. ( albinism, cyclops eye, parasitic twin, etc ) 

Side info:

No tattoos please!
Also the semi aquatic ones do not have gills! Only the fully aquatic do

Species owned by: 
Source Film Maker Posters
Im sorry people.
(I do not like the models and how they look and some even crashed my program)
What i have:
-Team fortress 2 models/props
-Portal 2 models/props
-Left 4 dead models/props
-Halflife model/props
-Fallout 4 models/body parts
-Overwatch characters only
-Ark Survival evlolve dinosaurs
-Raptor spy
-XENOMORPHS!!!!And theyr whole ugy ass family
-Ellen Ripley to protect my files from getting xenomorphed
-Alot of dinosaurs
-Alot of horses
-Dragon like creatures
-I HAVE A GOAT MODEL!(Most important one)
-Animals from FarCry 3
-The Mass Effect ring for reasons
-A plush dolphin
-A robot wolf named Bladewolf
-If you want ill put Tales from The Borderlands characters as well (I dont have them yet)

The poster will contain- lights,background props and many other good stuff.You can tell me if you want ships (Nothing too nsfw) Aditional characters are free.
Vanilla Minecraft structures
1.10 and lower compatible XD

More info here:…
Please pay through pol.
Send notes about the details

-Armor stands
-gardens/animal farms/farms

-Items in chests-Modded

The price can be higher or lower depending on the size of the structers.
It will take time.(For example the ship took me weeks to finish from structure to furnishing,the tower took me half an hour or something)
Merepeople,Snake people,centaurs other half animal people
-Ill make one human on a canvas if you want couples or one more person= 5 points
-Backgrounds are optional
-Shadows optional

(The models shown above are already owned by me)
Custom butterfly/bird/insect wings
Customized wings.You can say a random one and youll get one for only 20 points!Theyll never be bland or have simple patterns every wing is made with alot of hard work!
You can say what patterns you want,colours or shape and ill do it.
Customed sharks
-It can be any colour and model
-Background will be free and optional
-Tell me if you want land shark or water shark
-I can do whales or dolphins

(The sharks shown above are already owned)
-I WONT DO SAME COULOUR,PATTERNS.The forehead symbol wont be made two the same.
-Tell the colours,patterns and the symbol you want it on it.
-Shadows,lights,backgrounds are optional.





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community…
  • Listening to: Alot of Russian songs
  • Reading: Alot of sin
  • Watching: I dont even know anymore
  • Playing: A thing called Teamfortress 2 and Paladins
  • Eating: Nothing.Because only nooblets eat
  • Drinking: Poopsi


ColdBlod23's Profile Picture
Karina Petrescu
Artist | Student | Varied
Hi man Captain Cold here.Whazaaaaaaaa??

I am not a perfect artist.Me is stil learning!
I am living in Romania with my family and 2 dogs and a cat drawing random stuff ,watching movies and playing games on my PC all day.
I do requests if i can but i have shaky hands ([yeah i am a noob at this])
if you want with requests be free to ask, I DO REQUESTS if they are in my PROFILE comments.
Have a good day ColdBlood23.
What i like:friends,animals,every thing is flufy,pizza,sleeping,drawing,reading,playing games,movies,drawing.
What i hate:school,my class mates,jerks,pickles,cockroaches,jerks,spiders.…


Goldfish and Strange Goldfish
Made with SAI

5 of them are real goldfish the rest is more based on Watonai and a very edgy orange and black goldfish that i saw on the internet.
The ones i did based on real life are: Butterfly telescope,long finned goldfish,normal goldfish,butterfly oranda,long finned koi fish.

The others are Underworldian of course-the snake goldfish and skeleton butterfly silverfish (as they are only found in silver colors) and just a beta goldfish.Looks like a beta but is a goldfish!They all come in different colors and patterns.Skeleton fish tho remain with the skeleton markings and sometimes they can have "ribs" connected to the "vertebra" marks.And the snake goldfish have always patterns making them look poisonous as yes they cant be eaten the meat is highly toxic.(no they do not hiss)
Aquatic dragon for Captain-Savvy
Made with SAI

A dragon monster :iconcaptain-savvy: im glad you like it i had alot of fun with this! :3

A savage beast of the depths looking for ships to sink and gobble any treasure it can find >: D

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